Size matters: how to get more bang for your buck on property sizes

An increasing number of Australians are prioritising larger homes and bigger blocks in their house-hunting endeavours since the pandemic began. But where to look? Well, a new search tool helps you calculate which suburbs offer the best bang for your buck.

6 affordable places to retire in Australia

From the cool temperatures in Tasmania to the sunshine state of Queensland, we’ve compiled six desirable and affordable places to retire in Australia. Perth, Western Australia If you’re looking for a slower pace, spectacular scenery and some of the best beaches in Australia, then Perth might be a good place to spend your retirement. Its property market […]

Choosing to invest in apartments over houses?

The factors to consider in choosing to invest in apartments over houses? Although we are living through uncertain times at the moment, one thing we can be sure about is that the growing trend towards apartment living over houses is continuing to grow and I predict will do so well beyond COVID-19. It all comes […]

What protections do property purchasers have?

London’s Grenfell Tower went up like a torch in June 2017. Seventy-six people were trapped and died and hundreds were displaced for months. All told, one hundred and fifty-one homes were destroyed. So, when Sydney’s 36-storey high rise, Opal Towers, began to groan and crack on Christmas Eve in 2018, almost 3,000 residents evacuated in […]

When is the right time to invest in property?

About David Hancock David is the Founder and Managing Director of Binnari Property, a team of independent, ethical and reliable property investment professionals, who specialise in researching and providing advice on residential real estate investment properties for Whether it be your home or an investment, buying a property is one of the most significant […]

Where will my investment dollars work hardest?

Australia Properties

You may have seen the latest headlines and been convinced by the crowds of commentators exclaiming the Sydney property market has bottomed out, and the start of the next value upswing (some have said, ‘the new boom’) is underway. And I get it. The city is our country’s largest real estate market and its performance […]